Made in the USA – And we mean it

Conceived, designed, machined and constructed in Post Falls, ID.
Components manufactured in USA

  • Acetal Hex Rod, NC
  • ACME Precision Lead Screws, OH
  • Aluminum Extrusions, OH & UT
  • Aluminum Plate, CA & WA
  • Anti-backlash Nuts, TX
  • Drive Belts, CO
  • Linear Rail & Bearings, CA
  • Stepper Motors, CA
  • Timing Pulleys, PA

Who we are.

We are a family-owned business working to contribute to our customers, our employees and our community. Our focus is providing Makers and Craftsmen high value tools which allow them to create things their imaginations conceive. All the while we have fun, live well and do all we can to ensure our fellow citizens remain productive and employed.

Our founder, Joe Heath, is a software and systems engineer who has worked 30 years building manufacturing automation systems, communications gear and digital television equipment. He started CNCing his shop equipment many years ago and built his first "2x6 boards and black pipe" CNC router (see the Solsylva link) back in 2008. Since then his machine design has been reworked and simplified multiple times. The VelociRouter family of machines is the current result of those refinements. Quoting Joe, "it really doesn't get any simpler than this."